11 Best Places for TEFL Jobs in 2017

One of the most important questions you will ask yourself when deciding to teach English abroad is WHERE is the best place to teach English for YOU.

Are you interested in a the best place to teach English AND save money? Perhaps a TEFL job in the Middle East is the right choice. Or maybe you want to teach English AND learn another language? Perhaps teaching English in Latin America is best. Or maybe you just want to live and soak up the a European culture, or live on a beach in Thailand. (And teach too!)

In 2017 there will be more options than ever when it comes to places for TEFL jobs. With the demand for Native English Speakers increasing around the world, there are more places to develop your teaching skills and earn money, all while discovering a new country.

So which places are our favorites for 2017? This list has a little bit of everything and is full of the salary and benefits you can expect from the best countries to teach English abroad.

11) Czech Republic

TEFL jobs in Prague

  • Salary: $700 – $1,125 USD/month
  • Benefits: housing guidance, work visa assistance
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree and TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification
  • Why go? If you have your heart set on teaching in Europe, the Czech Republic is still the best place to do it. It’s the gateway between Eastern and Western Europe, and a lot cheaper than France or Italy. You will find all the things that you love about Europe in the Czech Republic: the cobble-stone streets, fascinating architecture, great coffee, and even great beer (Yes, it is cheaper than water, still!). TEFL in Europe and gain an experience of a lifetime. 

Our Prague TEFL Program comes with job placement and work visa assistance, housing guidance and more! Let us help you teach English in Europe!

10) Costa Rica

teaching english abroad in Costa Rica

  • Salary: $700-1,000 USD/month
  • Benefits: None.
  • Requirements: An interest in Costa Rican culture and teaching.
  • Why Go? Rain forests. Volcanoes. Pristine beaches that touch the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Costa Rica might be a small country, but it has a lot to offer not only travelers, but long-term expats. It’s one of the best places to retire to, and it’s possible to teach English without a degree here. You certainly won’t get rich teaching English in Costa Rica, but you will be in a lush country with a lot to do and you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish. You will likely teach in a language institute as opposed to public school.

Our TEFL/TESOL Course can help you find a job in Costa Rica! Read the Top 4 Reasons to Get TEFL Certified in Costa Rica and the Top 5 Benefits to Living in Costa Rica.

 9) Indonesia

TEFL jobs in Indonesia

  • Salary: $700 – $1,100 USD/month
  • Benefits: Sometimes furnished apartment and airfare reimbursement
  • Requirements: BA/BS, fluency in English
  • Why go? You want to live in South East Asia, but you want the salary of Eastern Asia. You want to experience year-round great whether with a lot of outdoor activities, but you also want a low cost of living. Enter Indonesia, where you get to have a little bit of everything. While TEFL jobs have been steadily increasing over the last five years, we think it will boom in 2017 to cope with the influx of international travelers and business.

8) Chile

TEFL jobs in Chile

  • Salary: $800 – $1, 200 USD/month
  • Benefits: None
  • Requirements: An interest in Chile and teaching English abroad
  • Why go? The Chilean government recently started an initiative to increase the amount of native English speakers in classrooms across the country. If you are looking to learn Spanish and love spending time outdoors, Chile is the perfect country for you to teach English abroad. While the salary isn’t as high as the Middle East, you can earn enough to explore South America and begin to pay off your student loans.

7) Vietnam

TEFL jobs in Vietnam

  • Salary: $1,100 – $1,700 USD/month
  • Benefits: low cost of living
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree
  • Why go? If you want to really experience South East Asia, Vietnam is your best bet. They have been hiring more native English speakers over the last two years to cope with tourism and to advanced in international business relations. Many of the TEFL jobs in the large cities actually pay quite well, making it a great place to teach English and save money while still being able to travel. The cost of living is also quite low, even lower than neighboring Thailand, making it a great place to teach abroad if you are still paying off those pesky school loans.

6) Nicaragua

TEFL jobs in Nicaragua

  • Salary: $400 – 1,000 USD/month
  • Benefits: low cost of living.
  • Requirements: A fluency in English and an interest in Nicaraguan culture
  • Why Go? Nicaragua was rated the safest country in Central America during the 2014 Gallup World Poll, though many still don’t know it’s one of the best countries for teaching English abroad. If you are seeking untouched beaches, lush rainforests, and a growing TEFL job market, Nicaragua is the place for you. Additionally, it is largely undiscovered by foreign tourists, making it a truly unique experience for someone who wants to learn the language and really immerse themselves in the culture, or perhaps someone who wants to retire abroad.

Read the Top 5 Reasons to TEFL in Nicaragua and the Top 4 Benefits of Living in Nicaragua.

 5) Online

TEFL jobs online

  • Salary: Varies. Read our complete guide to teaching English online here. 
  • Benefits: Work from where YOU want to be.
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree, TEFL certification, Native speaker, Strong computer skills
  • Why do it? A new fad in TEFL education is teaching English online. Companies like VIPKID connect students in any country to Native English Speakers via their computer and, sometimes, even their cellphone. Some classes are held through a branded online platform while others are held directly through Skype or Google Hangouts, which allows you to work from the comfort of wherever you want to be. This option fits people with disabilities, those who have kids and don’t want to travel with them, and those who simply don’t want to travel. There are also no age or (often) degree requirements. Remote teaching expands boundaries and allows working with students all over the world. Learners reach tutors for different reasons, not only to learn grammar or improve skills to fluently speak English. Sometimes students require help with writing, too, and urgent essays can provide fast support. With the growing trend, we think TEFL jobs online are going to be very popular in 2017.

4) UAE

TEFL jobs in Dubai

  • Salary: $1,500 – $3,800 USD/month
  • Benefits: Annual airfare, furnished apartment, and transportation
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate, Native English speaker
  • Why go? In the United Arab Emirates you get the whole package: yearly airfare, a modern apartment, transportation to and from your school, AND a high salary. Most schools require a teaching certification like a CELTA, and pay higher if you have an actual teaching license. You will likely be placed in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, both modern and technologically-advanced cities. This is hands down the best place to teach English abroad and save money or pay off debt.

3) South Korea

TEFL jobs korea

  • Salary: $1,650 – $2,050 USD/month
  • Benefits: Airfare, furnished apartment, medical insurance, sick pay, paid holidays, paid vacation
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree, TEFL certification, Native speaker
  • Why go? If you are any of the following, you’ll find yourself at home in South Korea: culture nerd, architecture geek, foodie (the spicier the better!), history buff, beach babe, cosmopolitan comfortable, island hopper, outdoor enthusiast…and the list goes on. South Korea also has one of the best government sponsored and developed teaching programs in the world, with great benefits and an incredible experience.

2) Taiwan

TEFL jobs Taiwan

  • Salary: $1,300 – $2,000 USD/month
  • Benefits: Sometimes an apartment, low cost of living
  • Requirements: BA/BS degree and TEFL preferred
  • Why go? Taiwan is now what South Korea was five years ago. Here you will find an exciting culture with a lot to do without the high cost of living that is present in South Korea and Japan. Do you love the outdoors? Or maybe ultra slick modern cities? Eating your way through night markets? Or maybe culture-rich towns with a lot of history? You can have all that in Taiwan. Taipei, the capital, is a modern city with great public transportation and easy connections to the rest of the country.

1) Thailand

TEFL jobs Thailand

  • Salary: $900-$1,200 USD/month
  • Benefits: work permit paid and low cost of living.
  • Requirements: BA/BS and TEFL preferred but not required
  • Why go? Thailand is one of the most popular places to earn your TEFL certification and find a quality TEFL job, and for a reason: the food is great, the beaches are amazing, and the culture is addictive. While the salary doesn’t sound high, you will find that your basic necessities don’t cost as much, especially the further away you are from major cities. It is exceedingly rare to find a gig that pays for airfare and even accommodation, so be prepared to take that into account when trying to teach here. Despite that, it is still one of the top countries to teach in in 2017 because more and more opportunities are opening up to cope with the tourism, where the main language is English.

Our Thailand TEFL Program, with locations in Chiang Mai and Krabi, comes with job placement in Thailand! Read our 10 Benefits of Teaching in Thailand here.


The best way to decide the best country to teach abroad in is to research a few that really interest you. Talk to people who have taught there before and also determine what your salary requirements are, as well as what you’re hoping to gain from a program (learn a language, cultural immersion, etc). We’d love to talk to you today to help you find the best place for YOU to teach English abroad! Book a free consultation here!


Words by Dara Denney.

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  1. Hey great article! I wish there were more articles like this that talk about where English teaching will be on the rise in the coming years.

    I taught in Colombia the last 2 years and really enjoyed it and now I’m going to get a master’s in TESOL.
    Some countries reward people with a masters more than others (pay university professors a lot) while others don’t have as much funding in the universities.
    Do you know where the best places to teach English at the university level are? Could be another awesome article I think, would help me out and people like me big time.


    1. Hi, Jason! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I know China tends to have many university positions and they reward for a masters, plus a MA in TESOL will qualify you for most international schools around the world, including in Thailand and Indonesia. I do love your idea about a post on the best universities! I’ll add that to the list 🙂

      Where in Colombia did you teach? We haven’t even announced it yet, but we’ve JUST partnered with Volunteer Colombia/Heart for Change and will now be recruiting for their English Fellowship positions! Would love to hear more about your experience there.


  2. Hi,
    I love your write up/article. I am a Nigerian seeking/looking forward to teaching English in UAE come 2017.I got my CELTA certificate in 2015 from London.
    Please could you recommend some job openings for 2017 in UAE as well?
    Hoping to hear from you soonest.

  3. Hi Jessica, I really appreciate your article, but my question is must your BS degree be in English language?

    1. Hello, Razaaq. Nope, your degree can be in anything! And a TEFL certification course will help you fill in the gaps and feel prepared to teach if you don’t have any prior experience. Where do you want to teach?

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