10 Big Online TEFL Course Advantages

We know choosing the best TEFL certification course for you can be almost as overwhelming (or more!) as choosing a country where you want to teach English abroad. While the onsite courses certainly have their appeal, we think the Online TEFL course might be what you’re looking for if you haven’t yet decided on that country, you’re still working or in school, or you simply want a high quality course with maximum flexibility.

Check out these Online TEFL course advantages to see if it’s the right choice for you.

1) It’s affordable.

Tuition for an accredited and quality onsite TEFL course anywhere in the world will typically cost $1,400 to $ 2,499 USD ($1,899 on average) depending on the location and number of course hours. Tuition for our 170-hour online course is $1,399 so you will save $500 – $700 on the online TEFL course compared to an onsite TEFL Class on tuition dollars alone. (Keep an eye out for our sales!)

In addition, unless you are taking a course in your home city, you will also need to pay for housing, food and expenses, which usually run $800 – $1,500 for a month depending on where you are taking your course. In our Thailand TEFL Program, those things are included, though you’ll still need to buy your flight on top of the $2,200-$2,400 program fee.

This means that taking our online TEFL certification course will typically save you $2,000 – $3,000 compared to an equivalent onsite course. That is money you can use to travel and for start-up costs such as airfare to the country where you plan to work and to support yourself until you begin to get paid.

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2) You don’t have to quit school/your job.

The online TEFL course is part-time (and will take only 10-15 hours a week of your time). It is not taught in real-time so you’re not obligated to log into the course at specified times when you need to be at work or school.

If you’re currently in school, the course is designed like a 100-level college credit course, so tacking it onto your current schedule is a breeze, allowing you to finish your TEFL certification while you’re already in “study mode.”

3) Enjoy extreme flexibility.

Because you will receive job search guidance during the class that will provide you with job listings and contacts for schools and recruiters all over the the world, you will be able to apply for jobs in multiple countries and multiple regions while taking our online TEFL certification course. In other words, you are not limited to applying for job opportunities in a particular country or region, making it the perfect course for those who haven’t yet chosen a desirable country.

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4) There’s advance interview preparation.

Taking our online TEFL certification course is ideal when you are planning to interview for jobs in the Middle East, certain Latin American countries like Ecuador, and in major Asian markets like Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China, because you will interview for these jobs from home anyway. There are also some countries in Europe where you can apply for jobs in advance from home, including Russia, Turkey and some other countries in Eastern and Central Europe.

5) You can job search while studying.

You will receive job search guidance and can begin the job search and interview process during the course. In fact, it is very common for students to line up teaching jobs before their course is completed.

6) You get more hours of training.

Most onsite courses provide a minimum 120-hour certification incorporating 100 hours of training and 6-20 hours of practicum (practice teaching and observation). Our 170-hour online course offers an opportunity that incorporates 50% more hours of training and if you take the additional training for teaching English online, to business professionals and/or young learners (which you’re eligible to enroll in once you graduate from the main course), you will earn a 200-hour certification. This will all be noted on your actual certificate and will make you more attractive to potential employers.

7) You get an interactive online platform.

For those of you who are currently or were recently in University, you’re probably familiar with online learning platforms like Blackboard and Canvas. Our course utilizes a similar version, with a user-friendly dashboard and well organized course assignments, audio lectures, and various ways to contact your instructor and classmates.

8) You have real professors.

All of our Online TEFL professors hold at least a master’s degree in a related field and have 5+ years of teaching experience both abroad and at home, plus they’re easily reachable by both email and live chat throughout the duration of your course.

9) You still get student teaching experience.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to complete a 20-hour practicum (hands-on teaching practice) right in your hometown, which is something many online courses lack. You’ll receive invaluable experience and be two steps ahead of many first-time ESL teachers. Don’t worry, help is provided to find a local placement!

10) You’ll have help finding a job.

Our career coordinators are well connected around the world, and will aid you with writing a resume, interview tips, and a list of job openings in the country(ies) of your choice! Plus, you can utilize their expertise again and again.

In short, if you want an affordable, flexible, and high quality TEFL certification while you work/study/decide where you want to teach English abroad, then our Online TEFL Certification course is for you! Get in touch today for more information and how to apply.