7 Reasons to Teach English in Prague, Czech Republic

As you plan for the next great chapter in your life, what are you looking for? Delicious beer? Unique culture and history? A flexible work schedule that allows you to travel frequently? If so, the beautiful and vibrant city of Prague is waiting for you. Czech Republic is a former soviet country that has been consistently blossoming since gaining independence in the early 90s. These days, it usually tops the lists of destinations for travel to Europe. However, a quick visit to Prague simply does not do this amazing city justice. The best way to delve into the culture of Prague and learn what this vibrant country is all about is to teach English in Prague.

With so many options for places around the world to use your TEFL certificate and ESL teaching skills, why should you choose Prague? Check out these seven reasons why Prague is the best place to teach English in Europe.

1) Location

With several bordering countries including Poland, Germany and Austria, Prague is smack-dab in the middle of Europe. This makes the Czech Republic a perfect home base for your European travels. Whether you want to hop a train to Frankfurt, Germany or grab a budget flight to Italy, you won’t be too far from any of the other amazing places to see in Europe. Plus, it’s especially easy to access Eastern Europe from Prague, where you can discover amazing (and more affordable!) places that are often overlooked by travelers who are just there to see Europe’s most popular cities.

2) Low cost of living

While we’re discussing the bevy of intriguing countries in the EU, let me mention another perk of teaching in Prague: the favorable exchange rate. Spain, Ireland and Italy are just a few of the European countries that are more expensive than Prague. That’s because Prague doesn’t use the Euro, but rather the Czech Koruna. As of right now, $1 is equal to about 25 koruna (crowns) and .92 Euro. When you compare the cost of moving to and living in Barcelona, Milan and Paris, it’s easy to see why choosing Prague as your destination to teach English is a smart financial decision.

3) Libations

reasons to teach english in prague beer

Pour one out for all the beers from home that will be dead to you after you experience the beer scene in Prague. People in this region have been expertly brewing beer since before the year 1000, meaning they pretty much have it perfect at this point. Plus, it has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world, so you’ll be among friends. The most popular types of beer in the Czech Republic are pale lagers and pilsners that have a light flavor. A few brews you’ll likely try while you’re teaching English in Prague include Radegast, Starobrno, Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus.

4) Living arrangements

Finding an affordable place to live while teaching English in Prague isn’t too difficult (especially because our TEFL Prague Program with job placement will help you!), which is another reason to choose this majestic city as your new home. It’s easy to find a centrally located apartment that’s between 20 and 25 minutes from your job, typically where you’ll live with other teachers. In fact, some teachers will even pass their apartments down to incoming educators when they leave.

5) Lenient schedule

Compared to teaching jobs elsewhere, being an English teacher in Prague offers you a flexible schedule. Rather than being employed full-time at a school, you’ll likely be teaching and tutoring in a variety of settings. From corporate-focused English training to English summer camps for children, there are many options for teachers to choose from. Prague also has a whole host of language schools, where you’ll probably end up finding most of your clients. You can schedule your classes more freely than you could as a full-time staffer, plus, you aren’t usually locked into a contract, so you’re free to find new work, as long as you give advanced notice.

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6) Lots of job opportunities

As the Czech Republic grows stronger as an independent country, there’s more demand for ESL teachers in major cities such as Prague. It’s starting to become a more prominent area for business and trade, so language schools and eager students are always searching for new TEFL-certified teachers to begin. If you choose to join our 130-hour TEFL course, your life in Prague will start with learning, exploring and experiencing. We offer hands-on experience during the four-week program, and those who graduate at the top of the class gain guaranteed job placement with our partner language school, though everyone in the course is assisted in finding work in the city. Plus, your TEFL certification will be internationally recognized, meaning you can teach English in other countries around the world as well.

7) Lovely surroundings

reasons to teach english in prague

Last but not least, you should teach English in Prague because of its unique and enthralling landscape. While most cities were destroyed by bombs during World War I and II, many parts of Prague survived. This includes the charming cobblestone streets, awe-inspiring 16th-century Prague Castle (where you’ll go as part of your TEFL course with u!) and the historic Prague astronomical clock tower in the Old Town Square. At the same time, the “City of 100 Spires” has been built up with modern buildings and neighborhoods that will appeal to your city slicker within. Whether you’re hitting trendy bars with your teacher crew or meandering around the Charles Bridge that remains standing from the 1400s, you’ll be inspired by all of Prague’s beauty.


If you’re ready to delve into the history, magnificence and culture of the Czech Republic, sign up to get TEFL certified in Prague!

Words by Christine Hayes.