Teach English Abroad in 4 Steps

I wanted to call this post, “Teach English Abroad in 4 Simple Steps,” but then I remembered that although breaking the process into steps may appear simple, the decisions involved often are not. If you’ve been thinking about teaching English abroad for a while now, or maybe you didn’t realize it was something YOU could do, it helps to break the process into one decision at a time.

1. Decide where you want to live.

Teach English Abroad in 4 Steps

This is probably the toughest decision of all. If you’re like me, each time you look at a map you feel overwhelmed with desire to see everywhere. When it comes to choosing a country in which to teach English abroad, however, you might want to consider the following:

  • Does the culture interest you enough to immerse yourself in it?
  • Is the language one you’re interested in learning?
  • Is the climate appealing to you?
  • Are you qualified to teach there?
  • What is a typical salary like?
  • What kind of jobs exist?
  • What are the contract terms like?

2. Choose a TEFL certification course.

Teach English Abroad in 4 Steps The beauty of choosing your desired country first is that then you can decide if it’s best to get your TEFL training in that country, in your home country, or online. Of course there are positives and negatives to each option, though choosing a course with job placement assistance is key unless you want to deal with a whole new set of questions/decisions about where to go, how to find work, etc.

GlobalU offers the best TEFL certification courses, each with job assistance and/or guarantee!

3. Determine your timeline.

Maybe you’re a long-term planner and you’re educating yourself about your TEFL options for a year or two from now, or maybe you just decided to quit your job and leave next month. If you’re the former, perhaps you’ll want to take an Online TEFL course with job placement assistance to get started on your training and keep your excitement levels high, while gaining a valuable network of other people in the industry. If you’re the latter, you’re likely ready to purchase airfare and get your adventures started! Make sure there are programs available for your intended start date, and check into the prime hiring seasons for that country.


4. Prepare to move abroad.

Teach English Abroad in 4 Steps
Teach English in Prague, Czech Republic!

Depending on your country of choice, there is likely a laundry list of things you’ll want to take care of before you go. There are often things like obtaining a criminal record check, purchasing health insurance, getting immunizations, applying for a visa, etc. that you’ll need to do before you board your flight. You can start with the following helpful packing lists:

Choosing an agency that will walk you through all of the crucial steps will make your life much easier.

If you’re considering teaching English abroad, we’ve love to talk to you and help you on your way!