4 Best Cities to Teach English in China

Have you ever wanted to try traditional Chinese food?

Or, maybe you are looking to visit a few historic places, such as the Great Wall of China…

Well, then China should be on your bucket list!

But, aside from the tourist attractions and good food, China also offers an abundance of career opportunities — specifically in teaching English.

The opportunities that await you, thanks to the jobs in China, are unlike anything you have or ever will experience…

Do you have the desire to make a huge difference in a child’s life?

Do you want to make a difference in your own life as well?

Maybe it is time for you to ponder the idea of teaching English in China:

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Some people immediately become overwhelmed by the idea of teaching abroad…

Their head is automatically filled with questions like:

Will I be good at it?

Do I need to know their native language?

But, the truth is, all your fears will quickly diminish once you realize the astounding opportunities that are yet to come.

With proper training, you will be well prepared to embark on your journey and knowing the native language actually is not even required…

See, it is already sounding easier than you thought.

But, before you second guess yourself, consider the benefits you will reap:

It is good for your career.

best cities teach english in china

Being able to add the experience of teaching abroad to your resume is massive. It shows you have the determination and are well-experienced. Likewise, it shows you are completely engulfed in your career and are constantly working to make yourself better.

The challenges you face while being in a new country will help you perfect your teaching methods and also benefit you as an individual.

The students are fun.

teach english in china

The students in China and other places are so eager to learn the English language. They enjoy you being there just as much, or more than you enjoy being there. Typically, they are very laid back and relaxed, meaning you can generally play games and have a bit of fun with the students.

You will become a better person.

There is no doubt that fully immersing yourself in another culture makes you a better person…

It teaches you new things and helps you develop new skills – some you might have not even known you were lacking.


So, now that you are beginning to think more seriously into what an opportunity to teach English abroad could do for you, it is time to consider which area you might want to visit…

China is full of several cities that are great for teaching abroad:


best-cities-teach-english-china beijing

As the capital city of China, Beijing is one place that every traveler ought to visit. But, if you thought Shanghai was big — just wait until you see Beijing…

The capital city is a giant cosmopolitan area with a population of over 20 million people.

But, it is a great city for teachers. Beijing has many schools constantly on the search for highly qualified international teachers. While the pay is higher here, Beijing does have a higher standard of living as well — higher than most other cities in China. So, just be prepared to spend a bit more on housing and eating out.

Aside from the cost of living in China though, Beijing is quite organized and you will find that the law is enforced in this area much more than other cities around China. During your free time, you can expect to enjoy various hikes, bike rides, and walks through the many surrounding parks.

The government has also taken many steps in recent years to improve the air quality, making for a better quality of life in Beijing.


best-cities-teach-english-china nanjing

Yet another great city for teachers, Nanjing is known for its culture and important history. While it is still considered a large city, it is still smaller than some of the megacities in China like Shanghai.

Due to the number of English schools around the city, there is a thriving expat community in Nanjing. Several teachers really enjoy living here as they are able to make a large group of friends with similar interests and have an active social life.

Aside from hanging out with friends, there are several parks where you can spend your free time.


best-cities-teach-english-china guilin

If you are a lover of the outdoors, Guilin is just the place for you. This small city is much quieter than the hustle and bustle you will find in Beijing or Shanghai. Overall, Guilin is just a great city to teach and live in….

Since there are fewer teachers moving to Guilin, as long as you meet the requirements you will likely have an easier time getting a good job here. Quite the opposite of Beijing — the salary will be less, but so will the cost of living.

The main attraction in Guilin is the outdoors — from caves to rock climbing and hiking to biking to boating down rivers. During certain times of the year, the area is filled with tourists, but this means there is infrastructure for some tourists and lots of activities for you to enjoy.


best-cities-teach-english-china shanghai

Shanghai offers teachers the big city experience, while still featuring a bit of traditional culture and even incorporating some international culture. So, if you are looking to jump right into the center of the big city life, Shanghai is for you.

This is a popular choice among most teachers looking for jobs in China as it offers plenty of jobs with good pay. The atmosphere also encompasses a wide array of amenities that replicate life back home for teachers, so it makes a comfortable environment for someone who is overseas.

However, this can also present some fierce competition at most schools, therefore, they are able to be quite selective with their hires.

But, don’t let the competition scare you away — you might just be their top choice!


Regardless of the city you choose to teach in, teaching English in China will be an experience like no other.

From the food to the students to the coworkers you meet along the way, you are sure to have your life changed.

Even if it is just for a short time, teaching English abroad can improve your resume, change your outlook on life, and help change the lives of those you teach.

Do you know someone who has taught abroad before or have you? Share a few stories with us in the comments!

Words by David Smith.

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