5 Reasons to Take Your TEFL Certification Course in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city in the Czech Republic in central Europe, begging for exploration and enjoyment! From the history to the architecture to the scenery to the beer scene, finding things to do outside of the classroom will be easy. Taking your TEFL certification course in Prague as opposed to anywhere else has a long list of pros, but we only need five reasons to convince you that it’s a solid choice for just about anyone!

5) You’ll feel ahead of the curve

The thing about moving to Prague to complete your TEFL certification is that you will beat out those who chose to get TEFL certified online rather than in-country. Czech Republic is a highly sought after country when it comes to English teachers (read on to find out why!), and competition can be stiff. But don’t let this deter you—if you feel like you might want to stay in Prague after completing the TEFL course, then you will have a leg up by already being there, knowing the ends and outs of the city, plus a month of immersion into the language and culture. Not to mention your teaching practicum will be with local students so you’ll get to practice on students very similar to the ones you’ll actually be teaching.

BONUS: our program in Prague provides job placement assistance!


4) Job opportunities abound

Speaking of jobs, getting the hands-on experience in your TEFL course in Prague is huge! There are also many options when it comes to jobs in Prague, should you want to stay there (and if you don’t want to stay, don’t worry: see reason #1). From language schools to preschools to one-on-one tutoring to teaching business English (to improve business opportunities), you’re not going to be met with a shortage of jobs. And as you may have guessed, the age ranges vary widely.

Bonus: if freelance work is more your speed, you can totally go for it in Prague! Becoming self-employed is a great option for those who want even more flexibility in their schedule than is already typically provided. You could even add more variety to your day be teaching English online as well!

3) Traveling made easy

Because Czech Republic is centrally located within Europe, think of all of the traveling you can accomplish while there! Outside of an intensive TEFL certification course, you’re going to either want to relax in the city with your free time (which Prague is perfect for with it’s easy-going nature), or you’re going to want to take the bus or train to another country! And to think, if you stay in Prague, your chances of getting out and exploring Europe while you teach English are even greater. Enjoy the ease of travel while you can!


2) Czech Republic’s rich history

This country if full of castles, several different types of architecture spanning across interesting history, has amazing city views as well as picturesque countryside outside city limits, and to boot, has some of the best beer in the entire world! There is no shortage of things and quirks to learn about this exciting country while you get TEFL certified here. Some finish their course and never want to leave—that could be you!

Bonus: Our TEFL Certification course in Prague includes a trip to Karlštejn Castle!

1) Apply your new TEFL certificate ANYWHERE in the world

We saved the best for last! It’s important to find a TEFL certification course that is internationally accredited, like this one. That way you get worldwide recognition for your effort and you can pick up and teach somewhere else. But it’s also important to note that your TEFL certificate earned from Prague will never expire! Feel confident in the opportunities you’ll earn by choosing to get TEFL certified in Prague.


Did you decide to get TEFL certified in Prague? We’d love to know why and more about your experience! Leave us a comment below.

Words by Jayla Rae Ardelean. Images from Pixabay.