Why We Teach the English Language

Why has English language become a powerful language? Why do many people want to learn English? Why has the demand for English language courses and tests like IELTS, TOEFL and TOIEC increased? Chinese is spoken by more people than English but why are more Chinese people learning English than vise versa? The advancement of the internet, the demand for quality education, the increase in global travel, and international relations among other factors have contributed to this trend.

When Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee launched the worldwide web 20 years ago, not much was known about the endless possibilities it would bring – shopping from the comfort of our couch, learning a new skill or language while taking the bus or train or even having access to tons of information by just a few clicks. We can all agree that the internet has, for the most part, made our daily activities easier and more accessible. But how does the internet contribute to the widespread use of English around the world? Approximately half of the home pages of the most visited websites are in “English”, and about  51% of tweets are written in English, plus according to Internet World Stats English is the most used language on the internet. This simply means that despite the popular use of Google Translate, in order to optimize the use of the internet and access its possibilities, knowing English is required.

Access to Quality Higher Education

Teach the English Language

Another reason why there’s an increase in demand for English language instruction can be traced to the latest ranking of Universities. According to the 2018 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, most of the top universities are located in the United States of America so it’s natural that everyone wants to have an English education. They also offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) which are mostly in English. So even if you can’t physically attend these universities due to the high cost, a knowledge of English will give you access to some materials for free. The endless opportunities and the reputable global brand that these universities offer can be worth its weight in gold.

Succeed and Bloom in Business

To survive and thrive in the current global economy, implementing a common mode of speech isn’t just a good idea but a requirement for effective communication. Imagine that a team of experts from all over the globe get together to work on a project. They all possess the expertise and experience to achieve a common goal and get the project completed, but they have to communicate in one common language. To bridge this gap and foster effective communication, most multinationals, even Asian companies, have adopted English as the corporate language to create a remarkable organization with the best global talent.

Take for instance the English mandate policy for employees announced in March 2010 by Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten – Japan’s largest online marketplace. It was implemented as part of the company’s strategy to achieve its goal of becoming the number one internet services provider in the world. Even though it was heavily criticized, in the long run it was fruitful because currently Rakuten has laid the foundation of a global mindset and is currently competing against Amazon and Alibaba – topmost ecommerce companies in the world.

Global Travel

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How do you think most tourists are able to navigate airports in countries where they aren’t able to speak the language? It’s simply because all international airports have the English translation of airport signs and announcements. Not only is English translation used to make navigating an airport easier, it is the language used for safe and clear communication between air traffic controllers and pilots in order to prevent accidents and mishaps due to miscommunication over radio. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) adopted a resolution that introduced language requirements to ensure that all air traffic controllers and pilots are proficient in the conduction and comprehension of radiotelephony communication in English language.

International Relations and Diplomacy

To avoid complications which arise from translations, diplomats and representatives of international bodies have to adopt a single language — the most commonly used one is English. It is used as one of the languages in writing the Treaty of Versailles, an important treaty which brought the first world war to an end. This also led to the advancement of English as the most widely used language of communication in the field of diplomacy. English is also spoken in most regions of the world and is therefore easy to use in international relations.


So if you weren’t already aware, I hope you’ll agree with me that the power of English lies in the broad opportunities it offers. So this is why we go ahead and take a shot at teaching English online and abroad, to offer opportunities to those who might not otherwise have them. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge of English as a tutor online, you can start by finding a flexible schedule and hundreds of eager students via Preply

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