Is Teaching English in Peru Right for You?

Teaching English abroad is a great option if you are looking for a way to not only travel, but also if you want the opportunity to make a difference through the lives of the students you will teach.

While teaching abroad can be a wonderful experience, it is also important to make sure that the place you choose to teach is the best decision. So before you take a TEFL course, sign a contract, hop on a plane, or start packing your suitcase, here are some things to consider so you can decide if teaching English in Peru is right for you.

Most Peruvians speak Spanish.

If you are considering teaching English in Peru, then it is important to be aware that the main language Peruvians speak is Spanish. Before you jet off to a country like Peru, it is helpful to do a little homework and learn some Spanish phrases to get off to a smoother start. While you don’t need to master the language by any means, it will make your transition a lot easier as you weave through airports, settle into your new living space, immerse in the community where you will be teaching, and anywhere else you may travel in the country during your downtime. 

Personally, I would recommend using a language learning app like Duolingo which tracks your progress, tests your current fluency skills, builds your vocabulary, and focuses on conversational language to prepare you for real life conversations.

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Most Peruvians practice Catholicism. 

While this is not something that can make or break someone’s time abroad, it is still important to be aware and respectful of dominating faiths in another country. Common in many Latin American countries, the main religion in Peru is Catholicism. This doesn’t mean you have to practice or attend mass, it just means you should be respectful of their beliefs during your time teaching English in Peru. 

Also, if you attend a mass or service for the experience but decide it is not right for you, that is okay, too. Regardless, it shows cultural maturity to respect another country’s religion even if it is not your own.

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You are not going to get rich by teaching English in Peru.

While you will make enough money to support yourself during your time teaching English abroad (check out our Country Comparison Chart for more info), it is of vital importance to know that teaching English in Peru is by no means a way to “get rich quick”. In general, it is important to check your motives before deciding to teach English abroad.

For instance, do you want to teach English abroad just to find a way to travel? Or do you want to teach English abroad not only to see another part of the world, but also to make a difference in it? While the choice is up to you, your motive can drastically change the way you teach and the impact you can make in the lives of your students. Your ability to do this will help you to go beyond simply spending time somewhere abroad, but instead to truly use your time for a purpose.

Peru has not only big cities like it’s capital, Lima, but also small towns where you might teach.

While some people think of exploring big cities when they travel, it is important to be flexible when teaching English abroad. You may find a job teaching English in a big city in Peru, like it’s capital Lima, but if not, then it is important to be open and flexible to teach in smaller towns. Even though where you teach may not be the capital or the biggest city, it does not mean that it can not be exciting, something new, or an experience you will not forget!

No matter where you go, you are bound to learn new things, experience a different culture, as well as make memories during your time abroad. Don’t let your need to teach in a big city keep you from missing out on the chance to teach English abroad or to experience Peru! 

Peru has breathtaking scenery

If you are up for adventure, then you just may be up to Peru. Keep in mind that wherever you teach, you can also use your downtime to explore the country around you. Whether this includes taking a day or weekend to visit the infamous Incan ruins that are Machu Picchu, or the nearby city of Cusco, or to its bustling capital, Lima, you are sure to check something off your bucket list during your time abroad. There is so much history, culture, architecture (from the ancient Incan creation of Machu Picchu to modern architecture in Lima), delicious foods (such as their infamous ceviche), wildlife, and nature that offers a truly immersive experience for your time teaching abroad.

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If you still can’t get your mind off of Peru than it may just be right for you. 

Overall, if Peru is still somewhere you can’t pull your heart away from then it just may be the place for you to teach English abroad! If you are still thinking about this country, imagining what your life may be like there, excited for the difference you can make through the lives of your students, all while making a bucket list of your “must see” sites in the country…then most likely you can determine that Peru is a top contender when it comes to deciding where to teach abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make teaching English in Peru, then getting some help can make the process that much easier. While it may be your dream, here at GlobalU, our goal is to make sure you have the right tools to unlock your potential to make that dream a reality! We do this through curated programs such as our Peru TEFL program. This program is specifically designed not only to give you all of the tools you need to be successful in gaining a TEFL certificate, but also goes above and beyond to help you with job placement and more.

Not sure where you want to teach abroad? Compare 60 popular countries with our free Country Comparison Chart!

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Compare salaries, cost of living, benefits, contract length and more for 60 of the most popular countries to teach English abroad.

Words by Melody Lipford.