Is Online TEFL Certification Worth It?

There’s never been a better time to embrace online education. With a global pandemic upon us, we’re more grateful than ever for technology that helps us stay connected with our loved ones and friends, keeps us informed of the happenings around the world, and makes it possible for continued learning in all forms.

When it comes to online TEFL certification, we know some of you are questioning if it’s worth it. Can you still get the best TEFL certification course if it’s taught online? Will it be accredited? Will you learn as much in your online course as you could onsite? 

We hear your questions, and we’re here with answers. 

Can I still get the best TEFL certification course if it’s taught online?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is not all online TEFL courses are created equal. Perhaps the most competitive marketplace in the TEFL industry is for online courses, and you’ll likely find courses that vary in quality, number of training hours, price, instructor experience and practicum requirements, among other differences. 

While we can’t speak for all of the others, we can say that our online TEFL course excels in each of these areas. We won’t bother comparing. We’ll just lay out the facts. With our course you’ll get: 

  • 170-hour online TEFL training in just 11 weeks, including 20 hours of teaching practice
  • Help organizing your teaching practicum in your home town
  • Highly qualified, experienced instructors
  • Live lectures and video demonstrations (recorded if you can’t attend)
  • Limited class sizes (20:1 ratio) 
  • An internationally accredited certificate upon graduation
  • Access to bonus courses for teaching young learners, business professionals and/or teaching English online
  • Ongoing support even after you graduate
  • Job placement assistance worldwide & for life

We can say with honesty that we don’t know many (any?) other online courses that a) require a teaching practicum so you can gain real, hands-on experience teaching ESL learners or b) help you find a job when you graduate, anywhere in the world.

Not to mention, our course goes well above and beyond the minimum requirements for international accreditation. 

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Will it be accredited?

It’s smart to ask because not all Online TEFL courses are accredited.

In short, if you find a course that’s less than 120 training hours, it’s not accredited. And if it doesn’t require at least 6 hours of teaching practice, it’s not accredited. These are just a couple of quick checks you can do to gauge whether or not a course in recognized around the world, but even if it doesn’t meet these requirements doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t a good course.

In fact, many of these courses exist solely to prepare volunteer teachers to teach English abroad, or as additional training or refresher courses.

However, if you’re hoping for a paid teaching position overseas, you’ll definitely want to make sure your TEFL course is accredited. 

Will I learn as much in an online course as I could onsite? 

Again, we can’t speak for all Online TEFL courses when we say this, but our best online TEFL course is nearly the same curriculum as our quality Costa Rica course, but broken up into a part-time, virtual training course.

The goal is to offer flexibility to those who are still in school or still working but eager to obtain TEFL certification, while still meeting our standards for TEFL programs that go above and beyond what our teachers expect.

Not only is the course part-time (it takes about 8-10 hours of your time each week), but it’s designed like a 100-level college credit course, or a first-year/freshman course. For anyone who has graduated high school and speaks fluent English, certification will challenge you but should be easily attainable.

It’s not rocket science, after all, but we will cover the basics of grammar (I’m looking at you, native English speakers!), which might feel uncomfortable and challenging at times, as well as classroom management techniques, how to deal with language and cultural barriers in the classroom, how to gauge which level your students are at, and then to create accurate lesson plans for them. 

If teaching is new to you, you’ll find the course challenging, but not overwhelming so. Plus, if it doesn’t challenge you, you won’t be learning. 

online tefl certification worth it

Overall, is online TEFL certification worth it? 

Absolutely. We especially recommend the Online TEFL course for those who are still otherwise engaged with work/school, those who don’t yet know where they want to teach abroad, or those who want to teach in countries where there might not be onsite TEFL courses available. 

Of course it’s always best to check in with yourself to see what kind of learner you are. Not everyone benefits from online training, but anyone who’s willing to dedicate their time and engage with the material will certainly be able to do so. 

Plus, if you’re stuck at home with nothing else to do, why not invest in yourself and your future as an English teacher abroad? 

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Words by globalU.