teach abroad

We make it simple for you to make a difference — in your own life, and in your global community — via teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL).





We value experiences outside of our own norm. We are energized by that special feeling of being in a new culture and how it can change you for the better. We’re committed to exploring and respecting that magic along the way, and always thinking of ways to give back to these places that touch our soul.


We believe there is no better tool than education. Teaching can help us better understand the world and bring communities together for the purpose of good. It’s fun, challenging, life-changing, and life-giving.


We believe in providing the best quality of education and tools to equip you abroad. Quality evolves and we strive to always innovate, learn, and develop along the way.


We value everyday enjoyment—in new spaces, in self-expression, and in living your life your way. We hope our commitment to programs that won’t leave you confused, stressed or scared will help you enjoy your teach abroad experience even more. 


Our Founder


Jessica Hill founded globalU (formerly known as Teach English: ESL) after her own adventures with teaching English in Thailand and China. She’s passionate about both travel and education, and believes that teaching abroad is the ultimate combination of both.

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