Guatemala TEFL Program

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Beautiful buildings, landscapes and people all in one place? Yes, please. 

If restored colonial architecture and large, active volcanoes sound like your kind of adventure, Guatemala is your happy place. It’s a country with a rich history and a lively culture, set amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

guatemala tefl course

Quick and simple certification

Learn everything you need to know to start teaching English in just four weeks. Even if you have zero experience.

Receive super personalized attention with a limited number of trainees per class.

Be taught by friendly and experienced trainers who will support you all the way through your teaching career.

Teach actual students during your required student teaching to ensure you are well prepared for your first classes as a TEFL teacher.

The world is your classroom

Gain international recognition when you earn our TEFL certificate. Certification is accepted everywhere from Costa Rica and Guatemala, to the Czech Republic, China and beyond!

Start teaching immediately after graduation in a school in Guatemala.

Get all the help you need to get your visa and work permit so you can work legally and for as long as you want.

guatemala tefl course

guatemala tefl course

Explore like a tourist & live like a local

Be based in the heart of Guatemala at La Antigua, a favorite for tourists and locals alike.

Dive into your new country with included salsa dancing and cooking classes with all of your new friends.

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This program includes:

  • 150-hour TEFL certification training in four weeks including 6-8 hours of teaching practice
  • Personalized pre-departure and post arrival support
  • Visa and accommodation assistance
  • Highly qualified, experienced instructors
  • Limited class sizes
  • Salsa dance & cooking classes
  • Airport pickup
  • On the ground support staff 24/7
  • Reference letters (upon request)
  • An internationally recognized certificate upon graduation
  • Job placement assistance in Guatemala
  • An experience that changes lives and lasts forever


Must be at least 18 years old, a fluent English speaker, and excited (maybe even a little nervous) to teach English in Guatemala.


We’ve partnered with our friends at Maximo Nivel to offer the highest quality TEFL course in Guatemala. You get all of the inclusions for only $1,399 USD* ($500 deposit; $899 due 30 days prior to starting the course)

*We will match any discounts offered by Maximo Nivel

**Tuition must be paid in full prior to starting the Guatemala TEFL course


When you register through globalU, you get the following bonuses:

  • Personal pre-departure support from someone who’s stood in your shoes
  • A list of 72 schools (and counting) who want to hire you to teach English online for extra moolah no matter where you go
  • A packing list tailored to your specific teach abroad program
  • Access to two alumni communities (globalU and Maximo Nivel) who are teaching all over the world to reach out to for tips and advice abroad
  • Weekly updates on TEFL jobs around the world
  • Check out our reviews to how we’ve helped others live their dreams

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Ready to teach English in Guatemala? Choose a start date & save your seat. 

  • teaching internship in guatemala


  • June 22 – July 17
  • July 20 – August 14
  • August 19 – September 15
  • September 21 – October 16
  • October 21 – November 17
  • November 23 – December 18

**Courses are limited to 12 enrollees each month

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my schedule be like during the Guatemala TEFL Program?
The TEFL course in Guatemala is scheduled from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday-Friday with additional work after regular class hours and assigned reading each night. As part of the course, students begin teaching right away, and every Friday and Monday are reserved for teaching practice, which takes place in 20-minute mini lessons, including feedback from the TEFL trainer. The last week of the course will be dedicated to practical teaching and you can expect to teach a 1-hour class during the hours of 7am-7pm that week.

Do I qualify to take the Guatemala TEFL Program?
As long as you’re fluent in English, 18 years or older and have a high school diploma, then yes!

Am I eligible to teach English in Guatemala if I don’t speak Spanish?
No problem! It’s not necessary to speak Spanish in order to teach English.

Am I eligible to teach English in Guatemala if I’m a non-native speaker?
As long as you’re fluent, it’s not a problem. You will need to have an interview to prove English fluency.

Am I eligible to teach English in Guatemala if I’ve never taught English before?
No worries! Our Guatemala TEFL certification course will prepare you for everything you need to know to successfully teach English as a foreign language, and it will answer any questions you might have about Guatemalan culture and what to expect in the classroom.

Am I eligible to teach English in Guatemala if I’ve never traveled abroad? 
No problem. This program is perfect for the first-time traveling teacher.

Who teaches the Guatemala TEFL course?
All of the teachers are highly qualified (M.A. or higher in a related field) and experienced (at least 10 years) instructors.

Will I be able to find a job teaching English in Guatemala once I’m done with my course?
Though job placement is not guaranteed, every student who follows our professional advice and actively seeks out teaching jobs using our resources will be successful finding work. Our partner language institute typically hires 3-5 teachers each month directly from the course, and the rest are typically working within one week of graduation. The staff is well connected, having lived and taught English in the country for more than 20 years, and they’ll do everything they can to help you find the job you want. Plus, the international resume builder workshop included in the course will prove highly beneficial.

How long are the teaching contracts in Guatemala? 
Most employers will ask you to commit to at least six months, though you can negotiate a higher salary if you’re willing/able to commit to one year or longer.

Will I be the only foreign teacher at my school?
Probably not. Most schools have at least one other foreign teacher on staff, and some have up to 12.

Is it safe to teach English in Guatemala ?
Antigua is a safe, tourist-filled city, but it pays to be vigilant. You should never walk alone at night (better to take taxis), and be very careful with your valuables. However, it’s important to remember that these are good tips for anyone traveling in any city across the world. You will receive a full safety orientation upon arrival to Guatemala.

Will I be able to learn Spanish during the Guatemala TEFL course?

While you won’t be studying Spanish in the classroom, living in a Spanish-speaking country is the best way to learn the language. You’ll be able to practice with shop vendors and bus attendants and locals you meet on the street, all of who will be eager to help you learn. We highly recommend staying with a host family if you are interested in practicing your Spanish!

Can I apply to teach English in Guatemala with my friend/spouse/significant other?
Yes! We frequently place friends and couples together. Applicants will have to submit their applications together, and each applicant should be sure to notify us of their intention to be placed together.

Is housing included while teaching English in Guatemala?
It’s not included in the tuition, but we will arrange it for you during the 4-week course. Once you’re registered, you’ll work with our housing coordinator to determine if a homestay, apartment or hotel is best for you and then we’ll arrange it, either just for the duration of the course (four weeks) or for the duration of your stay in Guatemala.

Will someone be there to pick me up at the airport?
Yes. After you book your flight, just send us the arrival details and we’ll arrange pickup.

Are flights included and booked for me?
No, flights are not included in the tuition, and you are responsible for arranging your own travel.

Can I teach in the city/province of my choice?
Most of our graduates end of staying and teaching in Antigua, but our job assistance is worldwide and lifetime so we will help you find work wherever and whenever you desire to teach.

How big will my classes be?
Generally speaking they could be anywhere from 2-15 students per class at a private school. At a public school you might see higher numbers per class of up to 20-30.

Is it easy to get around Antigua?
Antigua is a small city made up of about a 10-block radius. It is very easy to walk around Antigua and there are plenty of buses and taxis available.

Is it easy to send money home from Guatemala?
Yes. Almost any bank can exchange your local currency into your native currency, and both Moneygram and Western Union is available in Antigua.

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