Great course, great support. Jessica does a really good job of helping you prepare before you go overseas and she helps you just as much when you are actually in Thailand. She was very professional and I recommend her to anyone.”

~Curtis Duncan (USA), Thailand TEFL Program

The confidence you get from everyone in the course is just amazing. I was very shy, very introverted [before the course]. Now I stand up in front of everyone, I laugh, they laugh with me and it’s almost natural.”

~Sonia Jenkins (Australia), Thailand TEFL Program

Lightbulb- I could teach abroad!

Let it also be known that before this experience, I have never been to another country… so, needless to say, this was quite a big leap for me! I have only been in this country for 44 days and already feel like it’s changed who I am as a person. I could not be more excited to look back on my time even 3 more weeks from now to see how much I’ve grown! My adventure has only just begun.”10384356_10202125271403037_6272569204108290769_n

~Lauren Miller (USA) Thailand TEFL Program

One of the greatest experiences I’ve ever gone through!

I have to start by saying how Chiang Mai is an incredibly beautiful and magical city, that I would have never discovered if not for this opportunity to teach English…. For this alone I am so grateful. Jessica makes the entire transitional process from wherever you’re coming from to Thailand seem extremely easy. A process I most likely would have not been able to manage all on my own. I highly recommend globalU to anybody interested in teaching English in Thailand. Thanks again and keep up the great work! teach english esl review

~Amine Benembarak (Morocco), Thailand TEFL Program

She walks with you an extra mile…

Jessica is very helpful, responsive and professional at the same time. She walks with you an extra mile so that you don’t have to go through a single issue. She was in touch with me constantly until I reached my destination country. I recommend globalU to everyone who is looking for an ESL job abroad…You guys are really doing a good job. Keep it up.

teach english esl review

~Roland Samuel (India), Colombia Program

I just wanted to thank you for being so responsive.

I made friends with some of the other people in the program and tomorrow we start exploring the city! I think that we are all set on your end so I just wanted to thank you for being so responsive and nice the entire time and helping me get to where I am. Leaving everything I knew and moving 10,000 miles away from New York to Thailand didn’t seem easy but with the help of you, and the program, I got here faster and more securely than I would’ve on my own and I really appreciate that. 🙂 

~Nathan Barnard (USA), Thailand TEFL Program

Easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It has been unreal, can’t thank you enough for helping me come out here. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.Teach English ESL Review

~Connor MacDonald (Canada), Thailand TEFL Program

You will get all the tools and support you need to succeed.

Put your head down and pin your ears back for 4 weeks. You can do this but you must be ready to do the work! You will get all 

tefl nicaraguathe tools and support you need to succeed. Now it’s up to you.

~Ken (USA), Nicaragua TEFL Program

Nothing short of amazing.

My experience with globalU has been nothing short of amazing. It can be extremely difficult to know which programs are the most informative and reliable, but the assistance I received from this program was incredibly helpful. Jessica even checked in along the way to make sure that everything was running smoothly and was always responsive to my many questions and concerns.

teach english in colombia

~Danielle Pearl (USA), Colombia Program

I loved my time in China.

I really loved my time on this programme. I stayed with a lovely family who made me feel very welcomed from the beginning. They had a daughter who I grew very close to. I enjoyed reading to her and teaching her piano. The mum and dad were very kind and we became good friends. They showed me different parts of Beijing and took me on vacation to Shanghai which was the highlight of my trip. I was very sad to leave them but we have stayed in touch. I loved my time in China.

~Helen (U.K.), Language Exchange China

The application and placement processes were transparent throughout.

Having job applications accepted in various destinations, I had to choose which teaching job to plunge into. I chose globalU. The application and placement processes were transparent throughout. I had full control over personal decisions and brought my

teach english esl review

choices to a predictable outcome. In less than a month’s time, I’m in Central Colombia. Ms. Hill was amazing.

~Benjamin Jamorabo (Canada), Colombia Program

Loved the energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Loved the program. Loved the community. Loved the students. Loved the energy, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

I learned SO much about the values of teaching, and leading a student-centered classroom. When I learned the behind the scenes of lesson planning, it became a fun and addicting challenge.

After my program I went to teach in Africa, but felt the pull to return to Leon and visit the area and people once again. It just feels like home.

~Shannon (USA), Nicaragua TEFL Program

I appreciate all of it and I want to just say thank you and good job at life.

I want to stop and say thank you again. Thank you for all the time you put into your blog, your business, answering my emails and I’m sure dozens of others. Thank you for sharing your experiences with others. And thank you for encouraging me over the time we have shared through emails. I appreciate all of it and I want to just say thank you and good job at life. Lol. I know that sounds funny, but I think some people just go their whole lives missing the point. And for you, and from what I know from emails and reading your blogs, you have embraced life the good and the hard, and you have positively contributed to the lives of others. I wish you all the best of luck in life and I pray you are always happy, healthy, safe, fun, funny, inspirational, intelligent, and many other great things. image2

~Michelle Wroten (USA), Online TEFL Program

I would not hesitate to do it again.

I consider this experience a wonderful and extraordinary life lesson and I would not hesitate to do it again. Apart from getting to know the language and the lifestyle of China, I have grown as a person and as a traveller. I have learnt to understand and coexist with different cultures and personalities and I will be going back home with many beautiful memories. If a journey should not be measured in miles but with friends, then I certainly have come a long way.

~Elliot (U.K.), Language Exchange China

Jessica helped me make my dreams of TEFL come true.

I was just a small town girl from Mississippi with dreams of teaching overseas, but I wasn’t really sure how to get there. Jessica helped me make my dreams of TEFL come true. She patiently answered all of my questions in a timely, thorough manner and recommended the best TEFL school that met my needs in my preferred destination. She also prepared me for what to expect in my new country. Thank you Jessica and globalU!

~Heather Pollan (USA), Thailand TEFL Program 

My time in Thailand has been truly incredible…

My time in Thailand has been truly incredible and this Chiang Mai TEFL course has been amazing. Starting with the initial airport pick up and including everything after that, this experience has been truly incredible. The accommodation at Eco has been awesome, the course itself was great, and the braii, last night’s graduation ceremony, the english camp and teaching practicals, and the cultural excursions have given me so many wonderful memories to hold on to. And to think, this is just the beginning! Again, thank you for everything.10396290_1097486450286222_7972867084587053980_n

~Krystin Gutierrez (USA), Thailand TEFL Program

Highly recommend for those looking for a TESOL/TEFL certificate that works in any country.

…Jessica Hill of globalU was very available and answered all my questions prior to registration.

The course is rigorous, and includes 180 hours of class and 10 hours of practicum; this is well above most other standard TEFL certification course offerings so you are sure to surpass most if not every country’s minimum certification requirements. Don’t anticipate free time during the course; it is FULL-TIME. Nonetheless, I loved every minute and I highly recommend this course. The institute is located in Barva, in the Heredia province of Costa Rica. I stayed with a homestay and loved it, especially my host mom’s cooking.

I was not planning to stay in Costa Rica, but for those who are, there is TONS of job assistance and several of my peers already found jobs…

This course was well worth the investment of time and money. I loved the instructors, small class sizes, materials, and practicum.Pic_KBacca

~Kaitlyn Bacca (USA), Costa Rica TEFL Program

I have so many opportunities to explore Beijing.

My first week was relaxing so I was able to get settled into life here. So far, I have been helping my au pair child with his homework and playing games with him during his homework breaks. I have so many opportunities to explore Beijing which has so many great tourist places. I have also been to the Forbidden City and JingShan Park. When I start to miss talking to English people I meet up with my Au Pair friends! During cultural and social monthly activity, I made some jiaozi (dumplings). The best part was definitely getting to eat them!

~Rachel (Australia), Language Exchange China

The Chiang Mai TEFL course went very well!

I had a lot of fun with the new friends I made and it was definitely pretty laid back. I got placed in Chonburi [Thailand] and I’m spending the weekend in nearby Koh Chang island, so I’m definitely loving my new placement so far.IMG_2389

    ~Connie Long(USA), Thailand TEFL Program

Exactly what I was looking for!

I enrolled in globalU’s online TEFL course, and I’m so glad I did…I love my TEFL course — I ended up feeling it was the only affordable option available to me that didn’t sacrifice quality. I was nervous investing in such a costly, potentially life-changing certification course, and Jessica of globalU went above and beyond answering my questions and providing information. I could immediately tell she was reliable and passionate, so I intuitively knew that I would have a stellar experience. I was right! There are always some pitfalls in taking an online course, but there are benefits, too — and if you can take ownership of your learning and absorb as much as possible, you will glean everything you need from this course. I love it.

~Eliza Pennell (USA), Online TEFL Course

It’s one of the best experiences and I wouldn’t change a thing.

One of the things I would say to anyone who is considering coming to China is that you need to be a Yes Man. Do you want to go to a bar the night before classes? Hell yes! Do you want to play laser tag? Sure thing! You get a lot more out of life here in China if you are willing to go along with the plans, although you do need to be aware that no one ever makes plans more than about an hour in advance. Sometimes life in China can get overwhelming, but overall, it’s one of the best experiences and I wouldn’t change a thing.

~Susie (U.K.), China Work Visa Program

I can’t believe how fast time has gone.

I can’t believe how fast time has gone. I have plans to travel around China with my new-found friends. In January, it seemed absurd when I landed in Beijing but it was definitely worth every single minute. The advice I would give to people who are thinking of doing this internship is to be open minded. Anything can happen and you are taking a chance of where you will be placed and who with. Get to know everyone that first week in Beijing. It will help you a lot. But if you want to do it and you’re stressing over it, then DON’T stress. Just do it. I can guarantee you will have a unique experience and a story for the grand kids!

~Lauren (Ireland), China Work Visa Program

The course was fun!

The course was fun! I met a lot of very nice people that I have kept in touch with…Because I have my credentials in California and I have teaching experience, I was able to get a job at an international school in Pattaya! It’s a beautiful school and I teach preschool, not ESL. My hours are great and I make 50,000 baht a month! But I’m very glad to have completed my TEFL to add to my qualifications.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to get out here and for holding my hand through it all.

~Colleen (Miss Coco) Spievak (USA), Thailand TEFL Program

Fortunately for me I found globalU and Jessica.

My name is Joanne Hart and I have been teaching English in Thailand for 2 months now but before I decided that Thailand was the place where I wanted to be for the next year of my life I spent a disproportionate amount of time online researching everything that I could about working here. As I am sure most of you are! After reading more than one horror story about multiple agencies I began to understand the term “ignorance is bliss” and started to wonder if working in Thailand really was a viable option. Fortunately for me I found…Jessica and globalU. What I found unique about globalU is that Jessica has worked for the company she recruits for and has done exactly what I am doing and what you are thinking about doing. She knows what she is talking about and can empathize with how it feels to leave the security of your home life and follow a dream. Jessica has been very supportive from that first ever email. Nothing has been too much trouble and she has answered all questions that I have had thoroughly and efficiently (and there were lots of questions!) I can honestly say that the professionalism of this site is a true reflection of the

teach abroad in Thailand

professionalism of the service that is provided by globalU.

~Joanne Hart (United Kingdom), Thailand TEFL Program

Read about Joanne’s experience teaching in Thailand here.