Teaching Abroad in Thailand: An ESL Teacher Tells All

teach english in thailand

Matty Anderson moved his family of four to Thailand from New Zealand on one-way tickets. The goal was to see the world while living a laptop lifestyle. They wanted to live life by their own design, not someone else’s. We got in touch with Matty and asked him about his experience with teaching English in Thailand, a job that supplements their family income. Here’s what he had to say.

So you want to teach abroad in Thailand? I guess we are similar souls, travel-loving free spirits who want a tool to facilitate a brave new lifestyle. A few months ago, I lived out my dream of a laptop lifestyle and moved my family to Thailand, where I now teach the happy kids I’m proud to call my students. Continue reading

ESL Adventures: Teach ESL in Europe

Prague Czech Republic

I graduated from college and, after dabbling in pastry chef, advertising copywriter, and actress, I still had no idea what I wanted to do “when I grew up.” But something out there in the universe pulled me toward Europe; something told me that, while I hadn’t yet figured out what direction my life path would go, it’s route definitely drew through Europe. Continue reading

What it’s Really Like to Teach English Overseas

They say nothing can really prepare you to step foot in a foreign classroom. Getting a TEFL course is the closest form of preparation one can get, but even still, there are unforeseen surprises that will catch you off guard. And every country will differ, with various cultural ticks and sayings and translations. There’s nothing to do but go with the flow, and laugh.

Here’s what it’s really like to teach English abroad…in GIFs.

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