What to Pack for Teaching English Abroad

what to pack for thailand

If you’ve never taught English before, it may be nerve-wracking to know how to prepare for your teaching English abroad experience. Even if you’re a skilled educator with years of experience under your belt, you may still not know what to expect! While we can never be completely prepared and confident for an endeavor like this, it may help if you pack the right supplies. What are these supplies? Glad you asked. Continue reading

The Essential Travel Packing List for Moving Overseas

Tips for Moving to Thailand to Teach English Abroad

So many belongings, so little luggage! A travel packing list is absolutely essential to make sure you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t, when moving overseas to teach English abroad.

In all my adulthood moves, I have not once hired a moving truck. Most of the moves involved nothing more than packing all my belongings into just a few suitcases according to the airline’s luggage restrictions. As you prepare to teach English overseas, you may wonder how you could possibly spend months, or even years, in a foreign country with limited baggage. If you pack the right things and keep the following tips in mind, you’ll feel like you’re living in plenty, no matter how much you take with you! Continue reading