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TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TEFL certification is what you earn after completing a training course meant to teach you how to teach English to speakers of other languages. An internationally accredited and recognized TEFL certification course should do the following:

  • Teach you everything you need to know to successfully teach English as a foreign language
  • Offer at least 120 hours of training
  • Include a hands-on teaching practicum
  • Give you an intensive grammar review (something native speakers often forget the rules of!)
  • Teach you how to teach speaking, reading, writing and listening in a variety of ways, and for all learner levels
  • Prepare you to manage a classroom, given cultural and language barriers, plus typical student behavior
  • Teach you how to create and implement your own lesson plans
  • Boost your confidence in front of a class (you’ll get lots of practice in a variety of ways)

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A globally recognized TEFL Certification is your passport to an exciting and rewarding overseas experience by providing you with the qualification to work in thousands of schools and language institutes around the world.

From Asia and Europe to South America and the Middle East, more than 250,000 English teachers are practicing their craft, providing instruction to nearly 1 billion English learners across the world.

While certification didn’t used to be a requirement to teach English abroad, it’s now one of the first things employers ask to see. Since TEFL is one of the fastest growing educational fields in the world, it only makes sense that proper training is your gateway to the globe.

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Many people use their TEFL certification to teach and travel around the world, from Thailand to Costa Rica and everywhere in between.

If you don’t plan to make it a career, your training and experience will still open doors for you back home.

Teaching experience will show that you’re a great communicator, a team player, a patient, understanding person, a quick learner and you have the ability to manage a group of humans.

Your travel experience will demonstrate that you’re adaptable, curious about culture and diversity, openminded, well-rounded, super interesting and a great storyteller.

We’ve never met an employer who didn’t respect and admire all of the above.

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how to teach english abroad

Job placement

The goal is to get a job, right? We believe your course should help with that. All of our courses offer job placement support.

how to teach english abroad

Quality curriculums

Our courses go above and beyond the global standard and their curriculums have been put to the test with 1,000s of combined graduates.

how to teach english abroad

Experienced instructors

You’ll learn from the best. Our instructors are top-notch, each with at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

how to teach english abroad

International accreditation 

Our courses exceed the requirements for international accreditation, so your certificate will be recognized and accepted around the globe.

how to teach english abroad

Required practicums

Most people learn by doing. All of our courses require you to gain practical, hands-on teaching experience with instructor feedback.

how to teach english abroad

Course materials

Everything you need to learn is either included or made readily available to ensure you’ll have the most engaging learner experience.

tefl certification courses

Accommodation assistance

Regardless of where you choose to study, we’ll make sure you’re all set up with accommodation before you go so you can settle in as soon as you arrive.

Airport pickup

No matter where you choose to land, our partners will be there to collect you and your things from the airport and take you safely to your accommodation.

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